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Product and Design Portfolio


We take pride in being able to come into any space whether for the home, work place, or other usages and create custom fitted add ons and furniture specific to the style, dimensions, and multi purpose usage of any clients needs. No matter what room or spaces/ideas big or small... We can install and build it from scratch just for you. From wall panelling, custom cabinetry, and built in closets, we cover all bases.


From completely undone spaces sketeched from blue prints, to subtle changes in established kitchens... We are able to create, repair, add on, or completely redesign one of the most important rooms in any home or establishment. With a selection of over 2,000 wood options, the possibilities are endless. From new countertops to resurfaced and custom made cabinets, all the way to islands, and place holdings for appliances, we can take cae of all of your needs.


Mazimize off the optimal spacing of your home with custom made free standing furniture. We build peices for clients with specifcs such as room dimensions, esthetic goals, and overall style in mind. Our work is quality, one of a kind and done in the consideration of any room from your basement lounge, to the kitchen, to the foyer, to the bathroom, to the living and bedrooms. From tables and chairs, to book shelves, sofas, and beds... We can make anythintg your imagination demands.


Create a brand new look without having to completely re-do your space and prized pieces. We are able to simply re-work the exterior of your home firnishings, cabinets, drawres, and walls to create a new and imporved look and feel.


We also are able to rebuild, frame, create orginal, or install old doors; both interior and exterior.


Our design and woodworking team is among the best in the nation and can with care to preservation and attention to detail, make your surfaces and doors look and feel brand new.

Wood Shop

Our custom wood shop is where all the magic begins. Our space (which is open to clients) is a fully functioning and professional place with all of the hardware, tools, and man power to create the foundations of our fursishings, installations, and all other services.

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