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About Us


Founded by Mikheil Karanadze, Geowood Design Incorporated is a multi faceted carpentry and design firm that specializes in both: home improvement and custom design of furniture, as well as installation of all things build by them.


Coming from a background as an independent contractor, then graduating to building as a working partner for multiple design companies... Mikheil's experience spans over two decades. Now with a proficient team of builders, woodworkers, and designers, Geowood has an international client base spanning from NYC to Europe and back. Regardless of a space size, limitations, or the overall vision- big or small, Geowood is able to make your comfort desires for living space, store, gallery or office a reality.


For pricing specifics, quotes, or more information, please reach out to us via our contact page and someone will get back with you expediently.




I have working relationship with Mikheil Karanadze and now with his new project: Geowood Design for many years. This is a highly professional crew that stands behind theyr product 100%

Doug Werner, OBLIK Studio

New York-Paris-Tokyo

Our experience with GEOWOOD Design has been superlative!

From the planning and manufacturing to installation. Working with Mikheil Karanadze has been a great pleasure. 

We appreciate the perfectionism with which every piece is executed without ever compromising esthetics or durability .

Beyond that , we love interacting with  Mikheil who has a great personality, is trustworthy and admirable .

Gratziella Brener

New York, NY

Mikheil is a true artisan and craftsman. You can see his pride in his craft, his attention to detail and excellence in every inch of his work. I will never have anyone but GEOWOOD Design craft and create pieces in my home.

Brooke Murphy

Brooklyn, NY

I have worked in New York City for ten years as an architect and a contractor. My company specializes in high end residential and commercial spaces. As a result, I have worked with many woodworkers and millworkers in this city. One thing that most good woodworkers have in common is that the finished product is of high quality. There are many good millworkers in this city.

Mikheil and GEOWOOD are not good woodworkers. They are great woodworkers. What sets them apart is that they can do high quality work while being responsive, honest, accommodating, and most importantly, they will deliver on time. They don’t just concern themselves with the finished product. They make sure the whole process leading up to the end is well managed and thought through completely. This allows them to mitigate risks and keep to a time frame that produces a beautiful product with an easy, timely process.

I have not found a better woodworker in the New York City area. My only concern in telling anyone else about Mikheil and GEOWOODis that they might give them so much work that they can’t do our projects.

Mikel Abreu, MontesBuild

New York, NY

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